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In Loving Memory of Bogie Farb
December 10, 1990 to October 8, 2005

Bogie Farb, a dashing black

and white Lhasa Apso, was a

renowned fundraiser lauded by

his canine counterparts. He

was named after

Humphrey Bogart and

distinguished himself as the

first Canine Host for the

Houston SPCA Telethon. Though

small in stature, he was bigger

than life and never met a


Bogie served as the official

ambassador at Carolina.

Always a diplomat, Bogie

comported himself in a

gentlemanly manner in any

situation. He was a true brave

heart and was loved by all.

Bogie's visits to the River

Oaks Animal Hospital were the

highlights of his week where

Dr. Dennis Jensen and his

dedicated staff took great

care of him. His many friends

will remember his jaunty style

and charisma.

He was my pal and best friend.

Carolyn Farb



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