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The Fine Art of Fundraising
Secrets for Successful Volunteers

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The Fine Art of Fundraising: Secrets for Successful Volunteers by fundraising visionary Carolyn Farb is a highly practical guide for raising charity funds. From a simple bake sale to a gala charity ball and a wide range of activities in between, The Fine Art of Fundraising presents a practical how-to recipe for success. The author has raised more than $30 million for nonprofits, political groups, arts organizations and more; her experience carries the distilled wisdom of a professional as she explains how to build community interest, what types of events are the best fundraisers, how to earn grants, endowments, and trusts, why making personal contact makes all the difference, how to plan events step-by-step from invitations to clean-up, and much more. An absolute “must-have” for anyone taking up the responsibility of seeing a worthy cause meet its philanthropic goal.


-- Midwest Book Review


Carolyn has an unmatched gift for raising funds and support for worthy causes. I know she can motivate, persuade and inspire all those with whom she comes in contact.  Her service to M. D. Anderson -- and to any endeavor she admires -- sets a compelling example and encourages others to rally to address important needs throughout the community.

 Clearly, Carolyn Farb is personally committed and tireless in her efforts to make difference in her community, and her passion and effectiveness are without measure.

-- John Mendelsohn, M.D., President, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


Carolyn Farb's new book, The Fine Art of Fundraising: Secrets for Successful Volunteers captures the essence of fundraising and  volunteerism. Carolyn's wealth of experience, helping so many worthy causes, creates an upbeat and inspirational book that all fundraisers  should read as a tool for successful fundraising. It is superbly written and exemplifies Carolyn's genuine spirit of caring and  sharing."


-- John M. Tsacrios, Jr., Executive Director UNICEF Texas


The successful "Dummy" guidebooks could learn a thing or two from Ms. Farb. Her largesse, smarts and savvy are known around the world and she enlightens us all with a look at how superstar fundraising is really done. With her keen writing style, she takes us behind the curtain and we are a fly on a champagne glass in learning all the tricks of the trade of making money for organizations who need it most. She's a prolific volunteer who was donated millions of hours to causes that have so desperately needed her help. With those millions of hours have come millions of dollars of donations, too. Read this and become a Fundraising Superstar now!


-- Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher/Editorial Director, bRILLIANT/TEX magazines


Carolyn is an imaginative and energetic person who helped make the Robert Wilson benefit for the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum a tremendous success. She helped through her dynamic personality, her extensive contacts with Houston's philanthropic community, and she was truly instrumental in attracting new contributors to the effort to create the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum. 


-- Francois de Menil Architect, PC


Emmis Books ● $16.99 ● Paperback ● 220 pages ● ISBN 1-57860-180-0



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CAROLYN FARB is a fundraising visionary who has raised more than 30 million dollars in her efforts. She has been featured widely in magazines and on television and is the author of How to Raise Millions: Helping Others and Having a Ball! She lives in Houston, Texas.

Everything you need to know to raise money for your cause, from the “fundanista” who has raised more than $30 million.

© Carolyn Farb. All rights reserved