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The Fine Art of Fundraising
Secrets for Successful Volunteers

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It's the volunteer's eternal question: How do you raise the money your organization needs in order to continue its important work? The answer is fundraising. Whether you're planning a bake sale, an elaborate charity ball, or anything in between, fundraiser extraordinaire Carolyn Farb can help you make your event a huge success.

Carolyn has raised more than $30 million during her thirty years as a dedicated volunteer helping nonprofits, arts organizations, and political groups reach their philanthropic goals. In The Fine Art of Fundraising, she distills the wisdom she's gained into personal guidance for every aspect of event planning. With Carolyn's help, you'll learn:

  • What types of events work best as fundraisers
  • How to build community interest in your event
  • What it takes to become a successful chairperson
  • How to get grants, endowments, and trusts
  • Why making personal contact matters
  • How to plan every detail of your event, from invitations to clean-up
  • And much, much more.

Volunteer organizations are always in need of committed individuals and resourceful solutions. With so many nonprofit groups competing for the same few dollars, yours will benefit from the counsel of one of the top names in fundraising, Carolyn Farb.


Emmis Books ● $16.99 ● Paperback ● 220 pages ● ISBN 1-57860-180-0


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CAROLYN FARB is a fundraising visionary who has raised more than 30 million dollars in her efforts. She has been featured widely in magazines and on television and is the author of How to Raise Millions: Helping Others and Having a Ball! She lives in Houston, Texas.

Everything you need to know to raise money for your cause, from the “fundanista” who has raised more than $30 million.

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