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Bone Bash 2014 - Otzi Award

  • October 25, 2014 at Hotel Derek in Houston
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It is the Arthritis Foundation’s great privilege to honor Dr. Carolyn Farb, hc with the Arthritis Foundation’s inaugural Ötzi Award at the 2014 Houston Bone Bash Gala.

Ötzi is named for the first human known to have suffered from arthritis. The Ötzi mummy lived in 3,000 BC. Although ultimately unsuccessful in his venture crossing the Alps, near the border of Italy and Austria, the mummified remains of his body demonstrate arthritic joints and have provided valuable information for the scientific study of this deadly, debilitating and deforming disease, some 5,000 years later.

Not only was the Ötzi mummy the first known human with Arthritis; he died with a pouch of medicinal herbs that scientists believe he carried with him to heal his pain. When discovered, these herbs were studied and became the cornerstone of many of the medications used by arthritis patients today.

Dr. Farb will receive the Ötzi at the 2014 Houston Bone Bash Gala on Saturday, October 25. Please join us and celebrate this honor with Dr. Farb.



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