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Art of Mark Bradford

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  • The first car is La Rancha which is a performance car best shown in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KrNq4u1v5U. La Rancha has a fire component and the scales are made almost entirely of spoons, and has been a favorite for many years. It looks terrific at night. Thompson is built on a Miata so it is just as much a car as it is art. Easy to maintain and can keep up with traffic. The "arms" are manipulated hydraulically and are shown extended in the 3rd picture. Mark has been making "minis" lately that are perfect for kids as they are built on an electric scooter base. Mark Bradford recently mounted a one-man show at the Art Car Museum.
  • Mark Bradford is a dedicated sculptor, engineer, and performance artist.  He has achieved legendary status among art car artists.  Bradford used flat, kinetic concepts as a stepping stone to the development of his unique creations, effectively transforming metal from a cold, geometric form, into a lively, animated existence capable of igniting all the senses.  His dramatic progression from attractive, graceful, and simple forms, to motorized, fire-breathing creatures is revealed in this extensive survey.  His sculptures exhibit a personal mythology, and his use of found scrap metal gives his work an archaeological reference.  Bradford has developed a trademark technique of covering his pieces with scales, thus further enhancing the semblance of a form capable of life.  These sculptural creatures, seemingly from another time and place, are testaments to his successful transformation of the metal and the machine.  They are indicative of not only the growth but also the potential of the artist Mark Bradford. -- Noah Edmundson, Director and Curator of Art Car Museum.
  • Novembe 2010 at Discovery Green in downtown Houston. Video at http://www.vimeo.com/17107143


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