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How to Raise Millions
Helping Others and Having a Ball!
A Guide to Fundraising

What Others Have Said ...

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When you mention trailblazer, innovator and pioneer, you describe Carolyn Farb. She has set a new standard for fundraising, which needy charities have been able to reap her tremendous rewards. She has the uncanny ability to inspire so many around her, including me.
-- RAYMOND CLAY CHILDRESS, JR., Defensive Tackle , Houston Oilers

With brilliant planning skills, and assertive motivational techniques, Carolyn Farb single - handedly made the "impossible dream " come true. In her new book, the reader will be learning from the very best teacher in the field of fundraising.
-- MARVIN HAMLISCH, Songwriter, Composer

Carolyn Farb is one of the few fundraisers with the unusual ability to make a project or cause a "winner" just by attaching her name to it . Having literally raised millions for charity, Carolyn's name is in all the best Rolodexes filed under "results".
-- KEVIN L . CLEAR, Publisher

In a clear and unforgettable way, Carolyn Farb describes the underlying principles of her successful fundraising. The care of the matter rests in the heart. Carolyn's belief in the causes she espouses springs to lif e her imaginative, creative, and unique capabilities. The key that unlocks Carolyn Farb' s successful fundraising is the magnanimous gift of self .
-- MARILYN WILHELM, Director, Wilhelm Schole

Carolyn Farb's public service is a guide for volunteers in every community to emulate , and the "how to" book provides an pportunity to benefit from her leadership . . . Those of us involved with "Operation Breakfast " had a classroom lesson direct from the teacher .
-- CARL E. PFEIFFER, Quantex Corp.

My sincere compliments - you have written an excellent "down-to-earth" primer that every aspiring fundraiser could advantageously read. Although, I have been on the firing line myself for many years, I got a real kick out of your practical references and observations.
-- EUGENE LANG, Chairman, "I Have a Dream" Foundation

She is a teacher of the first order and for several nights I was a student with a mission: to finish and put her advice to work for my purposes. I have one copy of her book on my bedside table at home; and one copy right in front of me at the office. Who says Carolyn Farb can't be in two places at once!
-- LINDA STREVELL , Volunteer

Virtually all companies, small and large, are recognizing the positive effects of their contributions to the community at large. Most have public relations departments eager to help but sorely lacking in expertise. Your book would be an answer to their prayers.
-- TINA COLACO, Director, The Be An Angel Fund, Inc.

Her personality, vivacity, and wit come through the book with great force. I use the phrase "Farb-ulous" for the book, because it has truly been a pleasure.
-- JODY HUCKABY, Executive Director, Bering Community Service Foundation

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