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How to Raise Millions
Helping Others and Having a Ball!
A Guide to Fundraising

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The United States has more than 100,000 not-for-profit organizations, 2000 of which are in Houston alone. Carolyn Farb, well known in the world of fundraising for charity, backs up this " how - to" book with thousands of hours of hands-on experience dedicated to this vital community service. The author suggests that most charities struggle simply because of the lack of understanding how to conduct that special event . After hundreds of fundraising events, Carolyn has fine-tuned her techniques.

She reveals all of her secrets: Belief and understanding of the needs of the charity, willingness to dedicate the necessary time, attention to detail, and the confidence to seek out celebrities to join in the cause . The book is spiced with individual episodes, and Carolyn's own unique personality and qualifications. Her mentor was a beloved grandfather, Jakie Freedman, who was best known as a pioneer Las Vegas hotelman and a high-stakes risk taker. Carolyn explains her entry into the world of high impact fundraising, and her desire to help alleviate the needs of society's less fortunate. The reader will luxuriate in the fast-paced social world, but will also get down-to-earth instructions on how to raise funds in an everyday setting . Her constant reminder to budding fundraisers is this : "The purpose of special events is to RAISE money , not SPEND money ." This is a fun book to read, and a painless way to learn how to raise millions (or hundreds) helping others and still have a ball!

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